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21 March 2011
Now that's interesting. For a long time this detector has been sitting on the bench ticking away. The ticking was facilited by connecting a piezo-electric sounder to the output, and so it is now. The oscilloscope shows a slowly decaying pulse with steps which are probably related to the physical movement of the piezeelectric sounder. 5V per division vertical; 20µs per division horizontal. bloody quick Here it is with the sounder disconnected, a much shorter and taller pulse. Sadly the electronics stops working without the sounder so it will remain while I refactor things.

You may see that there are various different traces at different levels. There is a relationship between the size of the pulse and the energy level of the particle (cf. frequency and wavelength). This is the property used to do spectragraphic analysis with this sensor so I'm working towards capturing more properties of the pulse. 50V per division vertical; 0.5µs per division horizontal.

The sounder measured as 30nF so I replaced it with a 10nF capacitor.

The increases in counts per minute seem to be due to my influence rather than anything environmental.

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